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Help for yanmar parts

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Can anybody help me find a front ring and pinion gear for my KE-4 yanmar. Nobody seems to have any books or parts list? It is a small 14hp. I believe that the KE maybe comes from korea? I have searched all over and can"t find anything? I would think that some models would be interchangeable?? Any help would be wellcome. Richard
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Hello robdrero and welcome to MTF!

They are not Korean.

The KE series Yanmar tractors are much newer than the YM, F and FX. Which presents a problem concerning support domestically. This does NOT mean they’re bad or an orphaned model…just very new and as of yet not well supported for hard parts. From what I’ve gathered (notes etc.), the KE-4 is also produced for the European market as the KE-160 , whereby all the dimensions match identically and use the same 3TNE68 diesel engine. Filters for your tractor are the same as all filters on the John Deere 4010 and readily available.

Mark, the KE4 has a 3TNA72-UNK engine.

Thanks Danny!

I'll amend my notes. Now I'm wondering if I'm wrong about the KE-160??
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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