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My dad has always enjoyed his L8 and C8. A few years ago I found an 816S and we enjoyed sorting out the exploded transmission and building a nice running tractor out of it. After a year of weekly use mowing almost 3 acres I found an Onan tractor and built my 8182-T that I now use to mow with on a regular basis. At this point dad wanted a rider and I went and got him an 8160 from Ron. That was great up until he decided he wanted an Onan. Never fail, home came an 816 with bad sector steering and two Onan CCK's in boxes. Now dad knows he needs to put the CCK that is now running on the "parts" frame (8162-B) around back with the rack and pinion steering but he has decided to build a Frankenstein.

He wants to use:
-8162-B seat pan (will need to cut out for Onan exhaust)
-8160 steering
-816 lift hitch, Onan, hydraulics.

Now it is bad enough he is jacking up an 816 which I really wanted to keep to an original 816 but the fact that he wants the spherical rod end steering setup off of the 8160; that's butchering two tractors. I understand why he likes the heavy front end and it is a better setup but I really doubt he will ever NEED it as we don't run snow blowers or front attachments on our riders.

In the interest of appeasing him I figured I would ask if anyone had some of the "heavy" front steering parts they wanted to part with.

Parts needed are these:

#23212 - Tie Rod Arm - 2
#21668 - Rod End RH - 2
#23209 - Tie Rod Tube - 2
#23213 - Steering Arm Weldment - 2
#21669 - Rod End LH - 2

These parts can be seen in the manual on old gravelys HERE on manual page #14 or PDF page #17

I know it's a long shot but thought maybe someone had some of these things sitting around on a parts machine they wanted to get rid of and it will keep the 8160 together as it came from Gravely.

Here are the parts I'd be replacing:

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