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Help finding a valve spring compressor?

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Hey guys,

Started to take apart my 10hp tecumseh today, there was a valve stuck, looked down into it, looks like there is metal shards stuck in there. Can anyone recommend a valve spring compressor within driving distance of me? Stores around me (within 40 mins) are sears, autozone, VIP auto, advance auto, walmart, home depot , lowes, etc. Any advice appreciated.

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So t-h, yours sounds intriguing... But I just can't picture in my head how it works... You insert it against both ends of the spring through the opening from the crankcase breather? Got any pics? And when would you not have to remove the head if you're messing with the valves? Is that for JUST spring replacement? Or if the keeper fails?
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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