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HELP - Craftsman GT5000 Electric PTO Noise

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The electric PTO on my GT5000 makes a racket when not engaged and is silent when it is engaged. Is it likely that I need to replace the entire PTO or is it possible I just need to replace a pulley? I'm guessing I need to replace the entire PTO but I would like confirmation or suggestions.

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Also, there should be some kind of "holding" post that engages with the housing of the electric pto, generally it's near where the wiring goes into housing (but doesn't have to be there). It's just a post that goes from the frame of the tractor to the outside housing of the pto, to keep it from rotating.

That post can wear away over time through use (from turning the pto on and off), and it's only once it has completely failed that it gets replaced. And then you also have to fix the wiring harness because the pto housing will spin and pull on the wiring harness very hard.

But, periodically checking that post for wear, you can fix/replace the post before it fails, saving you both time and money (as you just fix/replace the post, and don't have to fix the damage to the wiring harness).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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