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Help choosing between GT48XLSi and GT52XLSi...

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I have it narrowed down to these two. I have 1.7 acres of land to cut and a Cyclone Rake to haul. I was planning on getting the 48" because I can get it for $2,999 which seems like a great price. However, my wife said, "Do you want bigger in case we get a bigger lawn in the future?" Well, I hadn't really thought of that.....The 52" is $3,499.

My question is, should I get the 52" just "in case"? Are there any benefits/disadvantages to the larger deck? It's $500 more but if it makes a big difference and there's no downside then maybe I'll consider it.

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given the 52 is only 4 inches more, it would take you 12 runs before you would have an extra run 48/4 = 12.

If you have an even yard, then the 52 is fine, but if you have an uneven lawn, then you may notice an uneven cut.

I would go with which ever as the fabricated deck. stay away from the stamped decks.
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