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Help/advice- Re-webbing patio furniture

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We have some sort-of-old patio furiture with vinyl webbing. The frames are OK but the vinyl is beginning to fade, crack, and break from being outside. (I know now, that a little Armorall would have been a good idea!) I hate throwing away serviceable frames, matching table, and umbrella, and buying an entire new patio set, just because the vinyl webbing is gone, but I cannot find the material or method to reweb with vinyl. Any thoughts?

BTW a guy two hours a way will redo the chairs for $150 a piece; waaaay too expensive!

Thank you for your help.
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Alex, I'll take "I feel like a FOOL for Two Thousand"! Thank you HydroHarold! You saved be several hundred. I had tried Google too, 8-10 times but never found that site. Thank you.:fing20:

That said,
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Glad it helped!:)

I had tried Google too, 8-10 times but never found that site.
Sometimes with search engines it takes fooling around with the terms you type into the box. You can even get different results by transposing the same words. I don't know how it works but I sure thank Al "Google" Gore for allowing us to use his invention!:ROF

Hardware stores used to be FILLED with those reweb kits, the "tubular" type as well. Times have changed as fancy padded redwood and other materials pushed out the good ol' web chairs. ANYTHING but an "Adirondack" chair for me, even a plywood seat on a webless frame beats one of those.:D
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Been there done that. Will not do it again. You have to be very careful or some lard bu** will go through. (I am not little)
There is a place in GA that sells rolls of the webbing. Waltrich Plastic. Ask for Kelly. You can also use the webbing for lots of other things. I use it to stake trees, ties things down, etc.
I think I have a couple of rolls of the webbing it at home--I'll look this evening--and send it to you if you need it...
My local mom & pop hardware store still stocks this kind of stuff. As for technique, it's basic weaving, over, then under, then over....
In a lot of cases, the little clips that secure the webbing corrode away. A good supply place should have them. There's a couple of kinds, screw in and press in... guess which ones you want for the lard butt crowd.:D I did several years ago with double side to side webbing for my Mom's "ample derriere" friend. Mom asked me to do more than one so's the friend wouldn't catch on we made them just for her.:D:D:D Just like my Mom to never to hurt anyones feelings. (Except mine of course, "Hydro, that orange one is crooked!"):ROF
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I have a Gazebo with a canvas top and metal frame. It used to collect water over the door. I used some of that webbing to go from one side over the top and to the other side, folded the end over then used zip screws to hold it. It is wide enough to suport the canvas well and keeps the water from collecting. I take the canvas off in the winter but leave the webbing on it has lasted for years. The True Value by my house still stocks the webbing, but I can see it fading into oblivion. Ed
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