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Hello Everyone,
I posted this in the wrong section so hopefully this is the right spot :fing20:

Recently I purchased a 1990 Cub Cadet 1541.
Model: 141661100, Serial: 813576

Included was an International Harvester Rotary Tiller.
Model: 2, Serial: 3130283U20242.

The tiller's manual doesn't show how to install with my setup.
Here is a manual similar to my hitch: Click Here (page 4)
Here is the tiller manual: Click Here

The guy I purchased this from said they used it all the time, however he lives a distance away and I misplaced his phone number!

It bolts up nicely and the tiller works but I am not able to lower it down far enough.
It only comes down far enough to touch the ground. I believe it should go down about another 6".

I figure either the hydraulic arms should come down further or the guy gave me the wrong side brackets.

Here is a picture fully lowered. Think the side bracket is too short?

Here is another fully lowered.
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