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Hi there, my name is Matt.

I've been rebuilding a Kubota L175 on and off for a few years now. Got it with a stripped reverse gear and destroyed steering box. Found out after I got it home and got it to start that the engine had been overheated. I decided to do a full rebuild and found out one piston had partially seized and shifted a liner down about 1/4" in the block! The engine got overhauled and the tractor got a rattle can paint job. Right now it's assembled to the point it's driveable but still needs the dash, wiring, hood, and fenders done before it's complete. I have to start it with a screw driver and piece of wire but it sure runs nice!

After running the Kubota I realized it was never going to plow snow the way I need so I found a 4WD Ford 1210 does the trick. I've adapted the mower deck from our old Cub Cadet to it and plow with a back blade right now. I'm in the process of making a front plow mount for it.

I also have a Cub Cadet 1862 with a tired engine that's taking up valuable floor space. Since I stole the mower deck I figured I'd see if anyone want any parts off of it before it goes to the scrap yard.


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