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Rboggs here in east ky
I have a 1957 311b JI Case owed it for about 35 years
I have a cub cadet super sly 1554 owned about 8 years with 650 hrs
I just bough a 2008 new holland tz25da with 200 hrs 60 inch deck
I also have a habana 63inch deck
Wife and I have been married 31 years we mow about 7 acres for lawn
Also grow a garden
I am 50 years old disabled due to 3 back sugerys
I hope this is about enough about me
Looking for advice about a tiller for tz25
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Hi and welcome to the forum. :Welcome1:
Thanks do you think a tz25 will pull a 5 foot tiller because I can get it for 400

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:MTF_wel2: , Rboggs!!

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the NH tractors, but the general rule of thumb that seems to be prevalent is 5 PTO hp for every foot of powered implements. According to that, your 19 PTO hp is a bit light, but my 16 engine hp GT runs my 4' tiller just fine.

I'd say go for it.

For further questions, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum. This one, we try to reserve for introductions, welcomes, and guidance to the appropriate areas of MTF.

Enjoy the forum! There is a lot more here than just tractors! :howdy:
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