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New member here...found this forum while doing some research on an ole 1950 ford 8n..

I`m a bit short on time at the moment, but tomorrow I`m suppose to be going to look at a 1950 8n..

my dad use to have a couple many years ago which I`ve rode on, drove etc, so I`m fairly familiar with them....

anyway, the biggest thing I`m wondering about before i go check out this tractor, is whether or not the Woods RM550 finish mowers are any good or not?

i own about 4 acres, and have been mowing it with regular lawn tractors, but often times it gets pretty deep before I can get to it (rain, low spots etc)..
I`m not expecting it to cut golf course clean..but just curious if it at least does a decent job of cutting grass, lets say about 1ft deep`ish..

anyway, does anyone have any personal experiance with the Woods RM550 finish mowers?

do they cut worth a darn, or no?..LOL

I`m also interested in the tractor as it comes with a king cutter snow plow blade as well....
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Welcome to the forum. :MTF_wel2:
:MTF_wel: from a New York member.
Thanks guys!

sure hope I can work out a deal on the ole ford tomorrow..been wanting one for a LONG time...I finally saved enough $$ to get one..maybe..
My primary reason for wanting it, is the mowing deck, and an old ford 8n, which is just cool to have..LOL..

I just wish I could find some reviews on a woods RM550?
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