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I am from Texas and work as a Fire Captain. I have a 2418 with tiller, disk, and 1 bottom plow attachment. I hope to add a planter soon. I am also working on mounting the tiller, I dont have all of the brackets so I am fabbing some. I am needing to rebuild my pressure plate due to very little clutch pedal.
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Welcome Rob, good to have you aboard here and enjoy the forums :).
I got the brackets for mine from the Tractor Barn. They can be fabbed easily though.
welcome aboard!! i think very little cluth pedal is normal,is it not disingaging?im running a one row john deere planter on mine, for corn.
The clutch doesn't seem to be diengaging. When I push the pedal in all the way the tractor still wants to move some. Also it is hard to shift because of this. It grinds everytime I shift.
You probably do have some clutch issues. There never is a lot of pedal on these tractors but you should be able to disengage. While you are in there, put a spare hydraulic belt in and tie it back if you have hydraulics. You won't be sorry. The grinding is normal for these tractors. As you get used to the tractor, you'll learn how to minimize the grinding. You can also drain the tranny and put 1/2 pint of STP in it. That will help a lot.
Your clutch problem may be due to the flywheel slipping too far on the motor's output shaft. There is a snap ring on the inside of the flywheel that is prone to rusting. Once the 10 cent ring goes, the flywheel will slip up too far on the output shaft.

You may want to try to see if the flywheel is movable (slidding) on the output shaft prior to removing it from the motor (takes a few hours to remove).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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