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hello tractor people

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Hi there,
I am working on getting 2 running at this time a case 444 and a gtv/16 craftsman 917.253725.
I have noticed that people have been using the wrong manual for this
model of sears tractor the 917253725 is different form the 253724 in that the varidrive system is much different than the one in the manual being used.
there is only one idler between the varidrive and transmission, and several linkages etc are different.
There seems to be no spring inside the varactor pully?
I have found the v belts to be 5/8 by 68 and 40 from other sources.
I have rebuilt the loose bearings nla from sears using bronze special ordered elsewhere. Got my belts on and the seem to work ok but the brakes may need adj. to limit clutch pedal movement to keep belt on crankshaft, or is there a guard that bolts onto the cross brace behind engine that keeps belt
aligned on engine pully?
It may also help to strengthen the idler spring to prevent belt slip and could also help keep belt down in pully when clutch pressed.
I have noticed that on this version the clutch petal moves the varidrive lever when pressed.
If anyone has pictures of a guard or guide for belt on the varidrive end crankshaft pully please make available or a description etc.

Anyone got a manual for the 917253725 or 917253727 same varidrive.

Also on the case 444 I could use a measurement of the ears behind the front axle that the deck mule bracket slides onto pegs.
I got the pegs from a 222 but the ears are needed to be longer on the 444.
Mine were cut off or not installed "welded to frame" different short angled plates instead. I have got some plates cut out to weld onto it but would like to get the holes right.

Oh about me I was a former auto mech. years ago and worked with mower
engines etc. while in junior high school etc.
Done several things since but need to get these tractors back together now.

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Welcome to the forum cyz! :howdy:

You'll likely get more responses now that you have made your introduction post if you post your questions over in the brand specific forums. :fing32:
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