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Hello There from upstate NY.

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I'm a mid thirtys guy about to purchase his first house. Parked in the garage and shed is a JD 2006 x320 and several implements. So naturally i ran here. A guy in another forum said that this place is the best for tractor questions. Hopefully i'll be able to afford this as its being offered to me as first refusal. I'm a pro at forums so i'd' like to start a seperate thread on that subject.

Anyhow, hopefully i'll be able to not only ask questions but be supportive to the rest of the forum as well. I'm traditionally conservative, pro second amendment, and i love to restore things.

1977 14' Starcraft Holiday before restore.

After restore.

I have the link to a complete walk through and blow by blow to the restore on another site.
Needless to say, i'm on the hunt for a 318 to restore.

See you in the forums !
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Welocome, nice pics
:MTF_wel: Good you joined us. Lots of good info here on MTF. Enjoy.
Welcome to the forum. Nice job on the boat. :MTF_wel:
Welcome to MTF, nice boat.
Hello and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy: Look forward to seeing the 318 restore!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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