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Hello...seeking help with Kohler K Series engines

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Hi there- I am tearing apart 2 kohler engines and I am seeking guidance on which one I should use to rebuild. You folks here seem like you would be willing to provide guidance. Derek from MN.:trink39:
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Well, hello, Derek, and welcome to MTF. Nice to have you here. We have some really sharp small engine guys down in the Engine Repair section. You'll get some quality info to help you decide.

What part of MN?
Thanks for the welcome Brad- I am from Eden Prairie, a suburb of Minneapolis.
Very good. Have some friends from Andover area. Lots of members from your general vicinity.

Good luck on getting your engines repaired. By the way, what kind of tractor do they power? It may have been mentioned in your other post, but I didn't catch it.
The plan is to just get one of them running- it would go in a Cub Cadet 129. Hopefully between the 2 blocks one of them will be good.
:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois
Thanks for the welcome Coupster & redmule
Hello Derek from across the river, and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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