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Hello new here, wondering about used tractor.

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Hi there signed up here as I need some guidance. I don’t have a tractor yet but looking for a subcompact or compact for some work on my property.
My question is around a tractor I am looking at next week with 900 + hours it’s a 1026r subcompact. Is that too many hours? Price seems pretty good in this world at 13,500 at a dealer. But wanted to know if I’m a fool to go for it. Seems very well taken care of but just would like a reality check.
Thanks for your time.
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The hours aren't that much for the engine, if the rest of the machine is in good shape.
Hrs ok just do a good shake down on the machine. Take it out back a run it for awhile. If they won't let you it is a red flag.
Great thank you, going to look at it tomorrow.
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