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I am currently fixing up an old Bolens QT16 that I bought to keep my long rural driveway cleared. My wife has justifiably complained about it for a number of years. We took the failed Onan out and converted to a new B&S 18hp, fabbed up & installed a new slip yoke driveshaft from engine to hydro, all the usual stuff and a few upgrades.

I had fixed up an older Bolens tube frame years ago, base coat/clear coat in Toyota Super White. Should have kept it...oh well.

I'm 45 years old, been married over 20 years, have 4 kids and an Irish Setter. I'm a former Chrysler Master Technician, own an auto repair shop in north central WI, and a vacation rental business in northern WI. I love Musky fishing, love old cars and trucks, mostly Chrysler products. I still work 50-70 hours a week, depending on how you count the hours. I am a Green Bay Packers shareholder and love my Packers.

Stumbled upon this forum today and was impressed enough to join right away. I'm involved in an automotive forum, musky forum, and Mercer WI fishing forum. Nice forum here!
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