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Been gone awhile. Coming back! Since I left (as luck would have it) started working as a Deere mechanic locally. Im an aircraft mechanic by trade, but layoffs, ill parents, etc, has me now settled within a mile of my parents, as well as my lifelong local Deere dealer as a mechanic. Large tractors all the way to weedeaters. My family are ranchers, and ive Farmed my whole life. My passion is old 110s, I have a few. Also have a 60, 70, 330, 332, 455, and a 1957 720 LP. Ive learned alot, and continue to learn everyday! Just an FYI, the 110 Deere shown on the homepage top of this website is mine, and it is really an honor to see it there everytime I wander by this site. Just here to help and share knowledge! If you want to see the original picture, Ill dig it out and post it.
Jason "Dijit"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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