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I have been looking around trying to get a feel of the site now for a little while and finally thought I would take the plunge.

I have a JD X-300 lawn tractor and an few years old Craftsman push mower.

I have been out of the riding game for a few years, moving around with the Army did not make it much of a need, settling back down in WI, now after a disability discharge and finding the rider a welcome relief.

Lots have changed since my old JD 100, many years ago. With that rider I had the attached snow blower, wheel weights, and chains. Made me lots of money as a kid all year long. It was a good strong little machine.

Just over a year after buying the 300, I had to replace (warranty) a bearing tower.

Thinking the wash-out port had something to do with that. Not so keen on the function anymore.

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