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Recently found this site. I got 4 riders so this site might/will come in handy. My newest is a 2005 Murray, 42", 18 HP. Nice machine.
The oldies are a '84 Craftsman GTV16, bought it new in '84. It's been sitting idle since I got the Murray in '05 but I got her out and going couple weeks ago, runs ok.
I picked up another GTV16 Model 917.253720 last week. Anybody know the year? I think its a year or two older than the '84. Got a front dethatcher with it and a front dozer blade and the mower deck. Got it more for the blade than anything else but it runs a little better than my original '84.
The old guy of the bunch is a Sears SS12. color - greenish/bluish & white. I think 1968. It's been sitting in barn for a number of years and am going to try and bring her back. I bought it used around 1980. Came with mower deck, snow blower, drag, cultivator, aerator, and trailer.
Anyway, glad to be here:trink39:
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