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Just found this great forum today.

I have had a Kubota L275 4WD since 1983 with a PTO mounted snow blower (blue with auger in the middle of the scoop wings), a 6' scraper blade and a PTO vertical wood splitter.

I mostly maintain our 1000' gravel driveway (grading & snow removal) these days but have visions of tilling, digging & lanscaping with a new rig.

I'm in the market for a 35 - 45 Kubota or Massey Ferguson with FEL, backhoe, tiller and box blade. We've got three Kubota dearlers and two Massey dealers within about 35 miles.

Any thoughts on Kubota vs. Massey will be appreciated.

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I'm afraid I can't help you on any comparisons between brands. When I last went new tractor trading I found the tractors to be so similar in the same class that I went with the one that fit me the best at the best price I could negotiate :D

Since you've had a Kubota since 83 I'd say you already have a good idea on how Kubota builds a tractor. They still build the the same but with more bells and whistles now.

The size your looking at will put you in the L and Grand L (GL) class of the Kubota models.
The L's are the basic models and the GL's are the premium models. You'll get more bells and whistles w/the GL's but they come at a higher price.
Most all the models come w/either a gear tranny, shuttle shift tranny or an HST. HST's are excellent for mowing and FEL work and the shuttle shift is also great for FEL work. The gear trannys work just like the older machines do. So it depends on what you prefer as to which to go with. I recommend trying them all out if possible.

If you haven't already, you should post a question about the Masseys over in the Massey forum as I'm sure they'll tell you what you want to know about them.

I do recommend to test them all out. The specs can be so close as to make them a nil point but actually climbing on board and testing them out will be the ultimate test.
Good luck and let us know how it goes
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