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Hello from the Capital Beltway

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I have a Sears Craftsman LT1000 garden tractor and I'm looking forward to keeping it alive here!

The tractor mows a little less than an acre and pulls a Cyclone Leaf Rake in the fall. Hopefully I posted a picture below.


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Greetings & welcome from southern Md .

:MTF_wel2:Rick,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the forums.:thThumbsU
As one of the many folks who have been stuck in traffic in your area-- :MTF_wel2: Rick! :trink40:

Enjoy MTF!
Nothing moves QuickRick on the Capitol Beltway.

:MTF_wel2: from the mean streets of northern Montgomery County.
Howdy QuickRick!

Welcome!! Got any questions, just ask and the great MTF crew will help anyway they can!!


What part of the belt way are u from, all my family is Up there
Howdee, welcome to the forum. Have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!
Welcome to MTF, QuickRick. Nice Craftsman and Cyclone you've got there.
welcome from eastern nc
Thanks everyone.....loads of info here.

Welcome QuickRick, from South Mississippi(Southern Cali right now).... The forum guys are great! Josh
Welcome Quickrick,

Glad that you've found the place. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We'll try to find an answer for you, and if we can't we'll make up something that sounds good.

Welcome, from Western Maryland..... Russ
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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