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Hello from Southeast Nebraska

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Hello all. Just posting a quick introduction to myself. My wife and I just purchased an acreage in Southeast Nebraska and purchased our first John Deere, an old 111. The electric PTO is inoperable and the mowing deck is shot but it should be good for pulling a wagon and keeping the boys entertained.

I have been trolling the forums for a while now and since the small engine repair guy is supposed to be dropping of the tuned up garden tractor this week I decided it was time to post!

Thanks for all the great information and I look forward learning more.

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:MTF_wel2:Nate,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the forums:thThumbsU
:Welcome1: UnchartedWaters! :howdy:

Great that you are keeping that machine active! :wwp:

Enjoy MTF! :greendr: :trink39:
:MTF_wel2: from WI Nate!
Greetings Nate & welcome from southern Md.

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