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Hello from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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First time poster here - after cutting my teeth on my father's Little Grey Fergie in the UK when I was a child, I am now living in Brazil and have my own MF 235 for the small holding I have here.

Brazil lacks the abundance of old farm machinery that I was used to in the UK, and I am joining up to learn a few new things, refresh my memory (like when did reversing a trailer get so hard??) and ask some questions.

The MF235 is a new purchase, and is in good condition (see below) with the exception of the brakes, but I have never had a tractor where the brakes work properly, so nothing new there!

I am looking to make a transporter box like the one in the picture below - I cannot find anyone with these in Brazil, so I figure that someone who is a competent welder could make one with the right plans. I am going to dig around the forum, but has anyone had any experience of making their own transporter box on here? Ideally I am looking for some tips, and things to avoid/remember, but if anyone has any good plans they can share, it would be a great help, as my Google Sketch-up skills are quite lacking!

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:trink39:Hello Brazil and welcome to the forum. You indicated you were from England. You wouldn't happen to be from around Stoke-on-Trent would you?
My dad came from there to the U.S. My grandfather is buried at the Stoke-on the-Trent.
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