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Hello from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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First time poster here - after cutting my teeth on my father's Little Grey Fergie in the UK when I was a child, I am now living in Brazil and have my own MF 235 for the small holding I have here.

Brazil lacks the abundance of old farm machinery that I was used to in the UK, and I am joining up to learn a few new things, refresh my memory (like when did reversing a trailer get so hard??) and ask some questions.

The MF235 is a new purchase, and is in good condition (see below) with the exception of the brakes, but I have never had a tractor where the brakes work properly, so nothing new there!

I am looking to make a transporter box like the one in the picture below - I cannot find anyone with these in Brazil, so I figure that someone who is a competent welder could make one with the right plans. I am going to dig around the forum, but has anyone had any experience of making their own transporter box on here? Ideally I am looking for some tips, and things to avoid/remember, but if anyone has any good plans they can share, it would be a great help, as my Google Sketch-up skills are quite lacking!

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Welcome to the forum! :Welcome1: I'm sure a transporter could easily be fabbed. Just make sure the 3PH dimensions are adhered to. :)
:MTF_wel2: We used a fixed pallet fork built somethine like this and built a box to go on it.
We never attached the box and, and used it to move pallets around a build site, to move round bales of hay, and, to load logs on a trailer. This is similar to the one we had, they also make them where the tines are adjustable.

The only difference is ours had a bar at the bottom between the lift pins.

Here is one with adjustable forks.
Hey FINTANBRAZIL, :MTF_wel2: The design and fabrication work on here will blow your mind. More help will come along soon and all advice will be good, mostly. We all look forward to how this works for you.:fing32:
:MTF_wel2: , fintanbrazil!!

Hmmm, Brazil........ no snow! That shoud give you some entertaining posts to read.

You should have no problem getting ideas for a carry-all for your tractor. There have been many build threads for them here.
Nice MF you have there! Welcome to the forum and you will find a lot of folks here with good ideas on the box you're planning on building.
First :MTF_wel2:, Second nice little MF. Looks like has been mostly well taken care of. From your comments, it appears that you do not own a welder. That should be no reason to stop you from building it yourself. If you have a saw and a drill, cut the parts out and bolt them together. Or if you have a blacksmith close, you could rivet it together. You will enjoy this site. Lot of people willing to help.
:trink39:Hello Brazil and welcome to the forum. You indicated you were from England. You wouldn't happen to be from around Stoke-on-Trent would you?
My dad came from there to the U.S. My grandfather is buried at the Stoke-on the-Trent.
Thanks for the words of welcome everyone, and the URL to those ebay sites. This looks exactly what I am thinking of, with the box welded or bolted onto the horizontal of the L (the ebay page)

I am going to have a chat with the locals with the welding machines - I've done some soldering, but not sure I am ready for the leap to welding yet!

I'm not from Stoke in England - Hampshire born and bred.
Welcome, I send samples from my company to Sao Paulo occasionally. Nice tractor.
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