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I have been the owner of a case 448 for a number of years, unfortunately in this time I wasn't the happiest owner of a 448. The tractor had been through a number of various owners who all had different interpretations of how "repairs" should be done, all of which never worked well with each other and caused lots of heartache. I never really had the time to properly fix some of the previous repairs and every time I tried to Fix anything I ran to the problem of getting parts and the $$$ involved in getting anything through dealers. So I stubbornly kept fighting with the then Dubbed "Hopeless Case".

This all changed when this fall when my poor tractor finally did him self "in".
In getting the tractor to the garage to to install the snowcaster, the engine seized. Finally I was forced to intervene. I did some research and realized a whole new reality for my case tractor. With the help of this forum and other useful sites/individuals I was able to repair and upgrade the tractor to what it was in it original glory.

My 448 is now a pleasure to operate, and now that I don't have to continually fight with the tractor to get it to operate my wife asked me "what I was going to do with the rest of my time". This were the new love of my life comes in.

I recently purchased a Case 646 that is again in need of some TLC.

I look forward to the many challenges this new project will bring and look forward to the support I may receive from this forum. As well see if any of my past disasters can help other who may be I need of assistance.

Hopeless Case

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