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Hello from Jacksonville, Fla.

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Model number 91725743. This is my third surburban. I gave to my brother in N.C. 3 years ago who stored it the whole time in his barn with all his antique lawnmowers. I needed something to tow trailers around with so I went and retrieved it. The starter was dragging before he took it. Brought it home, remove and cleaned gas tank and carb. Installed new starter solenoid and battery. 5 minutes later I had it running. I hooked my 4X8 utility trailer to it (I had added hitch with a 2" ball on it). Drove it around the block. Loaded stuff out of my garage to take to back shed, gave it some gas ,it died. Starter won't do any thing now. Bench checked it to verify that it is totally dead. Now I need a for it starter. #33835 Tecumseh. Also need the model # broke down so I know what it exactly is. Thanks rcshook696
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rcshook, good to have you aboard with us and hope you can get the issues resolved with your machine, hopefully the guys here will be along with some help :fing32:.
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Welcome aboard!

I suggest that you pull the end off the starter and look for stuck brushes. If they are stuck in the holders, they might work a few times, then not contact the commutator, so the starter doesn't work. You have nothing to lose, and it's not a complicated job. The brushes may well be stuck since it's sat so long. While you're in there, give the commutator a good cleaning with a solvent to get any dried oil and grease off it. There can be an invisible film that prevents electrical flow. I had a generator do that - nothing obviously wrong, but it wouldn't work. A good cleaning, and it's been working fine for a few years now.
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