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Hello from Indiana

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Hello all.

Just happened across this forum and thought I'd join (actually thought I had before, but must have been lurking).

I don't actively farm, but still have the family land (since 1838) and between different family members and myself, we've been trying to tip toe back into working it. All we've mainly used it for in the past 15 years is wood and hunting. We used to raise beef cattle, but lost our cattle after a neighbor knocked down a back fence... and lost most of our animals. We tried a few different ventures since, but never with the success of cattle. Anyhow, fast forward almost 2 decades later and a few ups and downs and at least I've started to do more with the land.

Still using some old equipment that works pretty well. On my end I'm using an old Case 480 B and my grandma's International 806. Just recently, I've decided to buy my grandpa's old B off my grandmother. It hasn't been run in several years now, so it will be a real project, but I have a lot of good memories. I may buy his old Coop off her, but it's pretty rough. The B will be plenty of dollars down a hole, without digging a second. I always loved that B for doing a simple job quietly... and lots of good memories.

But, as I don't believe in owning things that don't have a function, I've been looking at what else I might be able to do with. We always used it as a sort of utility tractor, towing a wagon with gravel (road maintenance), pulling briars, etc... But I've also been thinking of other light roles, maybe even tracking down a Woods mower, though I usually rely on the Case for bush hog duty.

We also have an Allis Chalmers 916 garden tractor that's a pretty decent little guy. I need to rebuild the 301 in it, but I love all the attachments.

Well that's more story than most will care for. Thanks for having me!

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RC, Welcome and enjoy the forums. :Welcome1:
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