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hello from Guilford, CT

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hello everyone, here looking for ... you guessed it, HELP !!

my Simplicity 1693080 - Regent, 14HP Hydro - started stumbling and [umping out white smoke, hoping you call can help !!

I maintain my motorcycles, cars and other toys, so hopefully I can fix this myself wit your help

thanks, joe
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Hi Joe,
Have you pulled the spark plug to see how it looks? That could give you a good clue. White smoke usually means it's burning water, but since your engine is air cooled, well,....
If your plug is sooty, you're running rich. If it's oily, you're sucking in oil.
Have you cleaned the air filter lately?
Does it run better or worse when you give it some choke?
Did it start doing this right after you added gas to the tank?
Has anything else changed? Oil consumption? Gas in the oil?
Yeah, lots of questions for you, but remote diagnosis is tricky.
Let us know, we'll get it diagnosed by someone here.:fing32:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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