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My name is Mike, I live in Florida. I'm not a bonified small tractor collector but I have restored several Bolens in the past. Bolens have always been my passion.
My Daddy had a 1250 when I was a kid back in the 60's. It was an impressive lawn mower back then. He even did some small gardening for my mother with it . When he passed away I claimed it, but then had to restore it.
I have owned Bolens tractors all my grown up life. Every time I see one sitting out back by a barn I have to go back and talk to the owner, you just don't see that many Bolens around here.
I now only have two, a 1450 and a HT 20. I have an old Ford CL 25 skid steer .....It needs a bunch a TLC. My daughter was using it and when she was finished using it, it would only run on one cylinder, sound familiar ?
I have a Yanmar 169 that I mostly use to mow paths and the underbrush in the woods with a 4 ft. Bush Hog. It has been one of those products that you just use it and use it and never have to work on it. I have never had to pull wrenches on it, short of replacing a light or routine PM's.
I mow my grass with a Land Pride 72" finish mower, that's pulled behind a Kubota B 3030. I can mow my grass with my PJ's on and never get dirty, and when I'm finished I don't even have to blow dirt out of my nose. With the Hydro transmission it mows in reverse almost as fast as forward.....I had a Dixie Chopper, that's supposed to be the fastest lawn mower? It doesn't hold a candle to the Kubota. The only thing the Dixie Chopper did better than the Kubota was beat you to death and it was very good at covering you with dust. The Kubota can mow a bunch a grass in an hour and ride in comfort, the Air Conditioned cab makes it a pleasure here in Florida.
I have the front loader on it, I have a 6 ft. bucket. I have a set of Forks which usually is always on it and has become one of those attachment's that I couldn't be without.
My wife uses the Kubota in her garden and with 4 wheel drive she doesn't have any problems pulling a 5 ft. harrow.
I have a Box Blade, but hate it. Either I'm just dumb or else a box blade ain't worth a hoot unless your working in a small space? It just doesn't work that good with me especially when trying to grade our road. It follows the rear tires on the tractor and I usually I make a bigger mess than what it was like before I started.
I made a 16 ft. long frame with 12" boat tires on the very back and a 7 ft. blade in the middle, to grade our road. It works like a wood plane, fills in the holes and cuts down the hills. The grader has a long tongue that makes turning around on a narrow road easy, much like a goose neck trailer.

Whew..... I'm sorry about the long post.....when I get to talking about tractors, I guess I get to rambling and don't know when to shut up ?
I also love to read about the equipment that others own and have to say. But my favorite to read about are the home projects and inventions. When I get my Farm Show magazines in the mail I'm like a little kid getting a new toy.
Merry Christ mas
"Keep 'em Razor Sharp"

Moderators..... I'm sorry, if this is to long please feel free to delete it.

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No need to delete anything, Mike. Great intro post. Learned a lot about you and your equipment.

You'll enjoy your visits to the forum. Lots of great folks and interesting topics. Let us know if you have any questions.

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No need to delete anything, Mike. Great intro post. Learned a lot about you and your equipment.QUOTE]

:ditto: on the great intro Fix'nto!! :MTF_wel2:

It's nice to see something different than a short one-liner introduction.. Sounds like nice machines you have there..

Post some pictures in the Garage or Gallery forums if you get a chance! :wwp: :trink39:

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Welcome to MTF,happy to have you with us.
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