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Hello From Eastern Wisconsin

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I recently was given my dads 1975 Massey 14.
After overhauling the engine I found this website and it encouraged me to do a complete restoration. The large amount of information given has been a great help and I am now caught the bug and hope to collect and restore additional garden tractors.
Its great to find a group of knowledgable peoplle with similiar intrests. I plan to add some photos of my current project soon.
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gademan, glad to hear you've got some inspiration from MTF and we are glad you joined up, looking forward to your pics down the road and above all, enjoy the forums :).
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Welcome to the forum, the longer you own a GT, the more things you find to do with them to make your life easier.
Welcome to the forum.

Yep, we need to see some pictures.
Here are some pictures of the MF14. First two show ready to add mower deck. Still need to paint and assemble it and mule. Other 2 two photos show before and during teardown. This is my first attempt at photos, hope it works.

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can you tell more how you did the restoration, what you used, etc. thanks
Welcome to MTF, that's a great looking 14.
welcome from ozaukee county!! Nice work by the way :trink39:
Two more pics.
Luckily the tractor was pretty complete. I completely tore it down and had a friend with a blast business, blast and prime. Paints were Ag Specialty brand I bought from All States Ag Parts. Silver Mist and Flint Grey I spray can painted. Red I used cheap HVLP gun. Decals I bought from Maple Hunter in Texas. Motor had to be bored over .010" due to oil blowbye. Tires are original. Only thing I need to make original is seat and front hub covers.

Also Rob I work at Kahlenberg's just down the street

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Great Job! and:Welcome1:
:MTF_wel2: gademan!

A fine looking ride indeed! A very well done restoration.

Looks like new.

Great job.
tractor looks great, good job:thThumbsU
A+++ Job!
There sure seems to be a lot of 14's showing up as of late! I LIKE them!
A+++ Job!
There sure seems to be a lot of 14's showing up as of late! I LIKE them!
Ok, I'll be the first to say it.

You should get one.
Very nice!!!! You're making me want to fix my mf16!
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