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Hello everyone

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Hello I am Eric, I am from Central Pennsylvania, I have a case 446 and 444. I am hoping that someone can help me to find a hard cab or hook me up with plans for building one. Thanks for accepting me into the forum.
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Welcome to the forum, Eric!
:howdy:Eric......Wilcome to the club..........You will find your answer on here somewhere....because these guys have all the answers.........John.........from the susquehanna..............:MTF_wel: :MTF_wel: :trink39: :trink39:
Eric :Welcome1: From Western Maryland. Injoy your time on this forum. There are a lot of case owners on here :fing32:
Welcome to MTF Eric
Greetings Eric & welcome from southern Md.

:MTF_wel2: Eric! :howdy:

Sounds like you have more cases than lawyers!!:dunno:

Enjoy MTF!:trink39:
:Welcome1: Eric, from western WI! :howdy:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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