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How is everyone? I hope doing well.

Well, I always laughed at my dad because he bought a tractor and we fixed it up yet he never really used it. I saw it as a waste of money. Well, low and behold he buys another and one sells his first one. The guy he sells his first one to GAVE ME his perfectly functional and running-like-a-clock Speedex 1631 tractor. Granted, it needs attention, but all 4 tires hold air and the engine runs great! The 3 point even goes up and down beautifully! I even got the original owners and parts manual with it! :fing32:

Looks like I got sucked into tractor ownership, but now me and my father have TWO projects instead of just one. She should be a blast to play with! I've attached a pic of it to this thread. Looks like a great project tractor. And you can't beat the price!

I do have a question about it. It says it has a switch for lights, but in the photos of speedex tractors online I can't find one that has lights, what does this switch do and why does it have a light switch for lights it never had?

Any help is greatly appreciated! If no one here knows the answer, I'll post it in a separate thread in the correct place on the forum.


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