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I have just moved to the country, no more mowing a small town lot. I live in rose ny with a 3 ac, lot . I went looking for a mower and found some one selling a Ford LGT 18H . The askiing price was $250 Yes 250 . I was surprized
to find it was in nice condition no rust solid deck . Paint looks pretty good . and run's great does'nt smoke and no evideince of oil leeks . When i was talking with the owner it was apparent he took very good care of it and was only begining to realize he had priced it to low . Well now she is mine . I've changed the fluids and changed the belt that goes to the deck . It's a 1986 and only looks a few years old and only has 768 hours on it . now to find a snow blower and a garden tiller for it . Were pretty fortunate up here we have a tractor junk yard with over 7000 tractors and mowers at least according to the owner . He's a 80 year old fella and pretty intreasing to talk to .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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