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Hello and HELP

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Hello everyone! just dropping a line to this group to introduce myself. I have two case 444, one case 446 and I'm am in the process of purchasing a simplicity 9518 4wd. I live in the Birch Run Michigan area.

I do need help with this tractor because it will not start right now. I have heard it run, and went to purchase it and now it will not start. The glow plugs are working, the injector pump is working and the fuel injection nozzles are spraying a nice pattern. I fires on one cylinder only right now. the last time I heard it running it ran great. I'm going to take a compression test tomorrow on the engine. It does try and start, and stays running for about 5 to 7 seconds. I use to be a diesel mechanic many , many years ago ( around the time this thing was built) and I believe I have tried everything I could think of. Does anyone else have any insight? I would like to get this running so I can use it. I've hit it a couple of times with starting fluid and it still will only try to start on one cylinder yet.

The engine is a Hinomoto. It was used in the Simplicity 9518, the massey ferguson 1010, the allis chalmers 5015, and the deutz allis 5215. I is a 3 cylinder diesel, 18 hp engine.

Thank You!

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Welcome to MTF chysm60! You will want to get to the correct forum for that machine, please open the tab at the top of the page called "Forums" there you will find all the different forums on MTF, I would think what you are looking for would be in the SCUT sub-forums. Enjoy the site and good luck with the 9518!
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