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Height of Un-Worn Gravely L Snow Plow Blade

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Hello All,

I just dragged home a well used snow blade from days gone by.

It has the cast iron single piece mounting bracket, and the blade has faint horizontal lines from the forming process that make it look like the others
I've seen photos of.

Poor thing looks like it was worn down through the holes for the cutting edge on one side, then flipped over and worn through the holes on the other side before a new set of holes were drilled 3/4" further into the blade and another cutting edge fitted and worn down some.

I'm still happy to have it, for a fair price paid, but was just wondering how tall it was when it started life ?

This plow must have traveled a whole bunch of miles to wear away all that metal.

Thank in advance for any info.

Regards and Happy New Year.
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The 48" wide snow plow blade without a wear strip is about 20.5" in a mounted posistion, the wear strip adds about about 1/2 - 1".

Those blades with original, or homemade skids, last last and last, you just replace the wear strips on the bottom, or weld on new ones... That is an old mower blade on the bottom of mine.

Rust Wood Auto part Metal Gas

Thanks Roger,

I will measure mine and post up the results as soon as I have a chance.

Never thought of using a mower blade like that, good old necessity.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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