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Headlights for 126

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Always wanted headlight and finally got around to installing some tonight to be better prepared for plowing snow, if we ever get any.

I bought 4" backup lights that are installed with rubber grommets. Here are some pics of the install and how they work. I was going to buy LED lights but these appear to be bright enough. Total cost, $23.

Cut some holes

Installed grommets and lights.

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:thThumbsU, those lights look good and should do the job. You know that you can send your Dremel back to them and they will rebuild it or provide a new one at little cost.
Squiner, You are Welcome. If I remember right, the last one I sent to Dremel, they called me and said it was shot. Cost me 15$ to get a new one.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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