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Headlights for 126

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Always wanted headlight and finally got around to installing some tonight to be better prepared for plowing snow, if we ever get any.

I bought 4" backup lights that are installed with rubber grommets. Here are some pics of the install and how they work. I was going to buy LED lights but these appear to be bright enough. Total cost, $23.

Cut some holes

Installed grommets and lights.

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They look great! I thought they looked too big with the panel off the tractor, but they look great installed! Nice work. What amperage are they rated at? What tool did you use to cut the holes?
Thanks guys.

Yeah, they are a little big, but to grommets can be squished a little. I may end up cutting the rubber a bit so they don't look squished at all.

The lights didn't come with any specs so I pulled out the multimeter and each is drawing a little less than 3 amps. That would put them around 40 watt bulbs.

Used my Dremel with cutoff wheel, not exactly easy. And this project cost me my Dremel because that magic smoke started pouring from it...:crybaby:
:thThumbsU, those lights look good and should do the job. You know that you can send your Dremel back to them and they will rebuild it or provide a new one at little cost.
Great, thanks for the heads up on the Dremel, I didn't know that :fing32:
You've given me inspiration to throw on the 55watt grote light I've been holding onto! It's amazing how much lights make a difference.
Awesome, hope the new lights work well for you. I can't wait to try mine out on some late night plowing!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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