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Head lights

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Wondering where I can get some good strong (bright) headlights?? I'm not sure the halogens from JD will be bright enough at night snow blowing.
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John Deere makes a Front Work Light Kit for snow removable at night. You should be able to buy at dealer for around 185.00 or here's a link on ebay.
Not very stylish though, is it?

I would suggest a pair of LED worklights. I have heard many good reviews of the Vision-X Solstice line:
No not very stylish but might work since mounted higher and more out in front I don't know for sure.

The LED lights might be a problem with blowing snow since LED lights do not produce enough heat to keep the snow off of them.
I've found that's more of a problem with flashing LED's than with steady-burn LED's. My TIR4's I use when plowing with my Dodge seem to stay pretty clear as long as the snow isn't coming down in a whiteout. But the work/spot lights seem to create enough heat that they are able to stay fairly free of snow build up.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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