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he took 38 LB's to the dump today!!!

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a guy just told me this!!

he's been giving them away!

has NOS parts from the 50's!

has/had 150 LB's!

about 10grand worth he said................... gone as of probably tomorrow or the next day and he's 5.5 hours away!! :banghead3
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Very sad...

I presume that he meant $10K in scrap metal value.

Should we hold a memorial? Lower the flags to half staff?
Each LB is worth about $5 to $8 in scrap. I recently checked the price of scrap magnesium and aluminum and it was at around $0.15/# IIRC. And of course you'll get much less if you don't separate the different metals.
50 cents a pound here.... Sad to hear about scrapping those mowers!
I always hate reading things like this.
he's over 5 hours away and I have no truck :(

now I still don't know but I really think theres a craigslist/kijiji lawnboy email phishing conspiracy goin on or something!!
here's one of his from his latest ad!!


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Where is he selling these?
&volleys in the distance....
dunno why he hasn't posted an ad that shows his ginormous pile of mint LB's he has
3rd or 4th or maybe more times he's listed her!!

***!?! :fing20:
He must like painting the flywheel covers orange :)
Also appears to like green, probably john deere green, spray paint. It doesn't look that good in the picture, I'm sure it's a real mess in person.

Wonder why he has so many lawn boys???

I bought one from a guy that thought he was increacing the value of it by rattle-canning pretty much everything JD green. I was about sick when I got there to pick it up to discover that. The low-res and small CL picture really didn't show the "new" paint job at all. It's all better now though!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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