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HDAP Tires

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I'm sure this has been discussed many times in this forum, but being new I am wondering where is the best place to purchase HDAP tires in terms of price?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts seems to have low pricing. I've also been looking at for some replacement snow blower tires - decent pricing there as well. I'm sure there are others.
Summit for the front tires (if they have the 740 size,they have the 16" for the 500s), Miller Tire for the rears...
I bought mine at for $97 each and free shipping! I have an x720 with 26x12x12 on the rear--had to put tubes in them to get them to work. 8" rims on the front, so I guess I'm stuck with the multi-tracs in front.
Is your tractor new? Could you get the dealer to swap them out? I got mine to swap out the rears for free when I bought my X500.
I bought mine from my local tire dealer, he didn't have them in stock, but was happy to order them.(Course I have purchased several sets of truck and auto tires from him in the past) Price was comprable to what I found online, a little more but I didn't have to worry with S&H....he treated me fair and installed them with anitifreeze.
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