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I got lucky and managed to get 1000 bales of the prettiest horse hay put up in the pole barn at the flat farm. Cut on Monday, raked it twice on Tuesday, baled it all Wednesday. Finally got most of it stacked Thursday and today.

I have one wagon with about 150 bales on to get in the barn and I have about 50 bales still on the floor. The wagon is covered up. I had 250 bales on my equipment trailer and about 100 in the back of the dump truck when the sky turned black! Backed the trailer inside and went to the other side and threw the bales off the truck. Covered the wagon and will stack it after the weekend.

No rain on any of it and that is a good good thing!
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You put in a pretty good weeks work.
Good job!
Wish it would stop raining down here, so my hay supplier can get some cut.
My luck it'll be mid-July & 95 deg. when he gets to it & I have to unload it.
You wore me out and made me sweat just reading your post.:Stop: Now I have sweat dripping on the keyboard!!:sidelaugh :sidelaugh
Close one!

Folks around here just got in the first cutting this week. The rain stopped and now it looking like the other extreme for a bit.
Well now your even out working the younger guys.. That will make soem horse happy.. Looks like the folks up here are only doing one cut. its been so dry. hay is a foot high maybe a bit more.
Put 460 bales on wagons tonight! Stacked the wagons as the kicker tossed them on. Had a three day window with no rain and we took full advantage of it.

Looks like rain tomorrow and nice hot weather for the rest of the week. If that happens we will get the rest of the first cut off the fields. Should have close to 3000 squares. Prices around here are high for this time of the year.

I dropped off two sample bales at one of the horse barns right up the street and priced them at $2.00. Already got two return calls for 600 bales. Sunday if tit is nice out I will drop off the three wagons we have loaded.

Doing a 50/50 split on the hay sales. Some of the ground is mine some is my buddy Lou's His hay bine, my rake, his kicker baler, both of our wagons.

We are hoping for a second cut on the timothy. That will bring even better money.
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