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Having Hydraulic Arms Issues

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Very new to the tractor world. This is lit up on my T6.175 Mew Holland. Arms will not go up or down. Thank you for your help.


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I have attached a photo of the issue. Thanks
I'm not familiar with those newer models, but from the picture you provided, the little icon above the light (picture of a 3 point lift arm with a circle around it and a slash through it) is telling you that the 3 point is disabled for some reason. The icon below the light (hand with finger pointing to a book) indicates you should read the manual to find out what the light means and what to do about it.

Hopefully it's something simple like some sort of lockout switch that locks out the 3 point lift that you inadvertently hit. But it might be an indicator of some problem in the system, so you should definitely get it figured out before you continue to use the tractor.
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