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Have You Sealed Your Crawlspace?

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Our summer place has a crawlspace. Years ago the pipes and beams had a lot of condensation. We laid plastic sheets on the dirt and added ventilation which stopped the condensation but the first floor of the house is still damp most of the time. The thin plastic is beginning to decompose and some of it has been moved around over the years. I believe that most of the dampness is coming up from the crawlspace. From what I've read, the new theory is not to ventilate but to seal it off completely. They do this by laying a 20 mil vinyl fabric on the dirt, sealing the pieces together. They also run it up the block walls and seal it at the top and around the footings. Then they close off all the vents and place removable covers on the access points. Sealing drains and dehumidifiers are also available if necessary. The job is fairly costly. I could get the materials and do it myself but I hate going down there anymore because some areas have only 1 foot of clearance. :eek: Has anyone sealed their crawlspace with "Clean Space"? :)
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:thanku: for the response. The company states that the difference is shocking but they won't guarantee it in writing so it is good to hear that it works. Anyone else have experience with this?
:thanku: Blasterway. This company has been doing this in my area for 12 years so they are probably aware of local codes but you make a good point. I will check with them on this.:fing32:
The price depends on the size of the area and any other components you may need, eg. dehumidifier, outside drain with ice preventer, floor drains, sump pump, vent covers, etc. Mine will be about $5k...expensive yes but as stated above, I'm just not into doing it myself. :Stop: If you are, the materials are available for a lot less money. I am sure it will also add value to the house. If I get the intended result then it's well worth it for me.:thThumbsU
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