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Have been away working on my VW

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Well, its been a little while. I am still around , just busy around the house and working on my VW. I made a new video of my engine after getting most of the kinks out of it and running alot better. I amstill running it on 32to1 premix cause I have no straight gas at my house unless its in the car gas tank. Im still enjoying my Lawn-Boys, I just used the 8F20 to mow the lawn monday. Hope everyone is doing good. My Beetle is taking up alot of my free time. Im actually kicking around the idea of painting the engine tins green and putting a Lawn-Boy sticker on the fan housing LOL. Well talk to you all soon. Check out my you tube sight cause I am trying to take as much video and photos of the cars progress.
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You have it running great!
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