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Have a chance to get a old wheelhorse, have questions

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I am looking at a OLD wheelhorse, not sure of the model. It looks like a baby tractor with a white cover over the pan seat. I think it might be a RJ?? Does that sound right?

It has a Lawson 7 or 8 horse motor. How hard is it to find parts for these motors?
It also has a Wheelhorse tiller with a 7 or 8 horse Lawson motor on it.

These have been sitting for several years outside so I am thinking that the motors might be shot (hope not).

If I have to repower these what would be a good replacement motor?
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I do have pics, I don't know how to post pics but if you send me your email I can send them that way.
The 24" self-powered tillers were
1961 model WT-241
1962-63 model WT-242
1964-66 model WT-244

View the ipl's here

Is there a serial number on the tractor's shift pattern decal?

I am sure there is but I haven't gotten them home yet to really look them over good.
Got it home this weekend, still not sure if it is a RJ or suburban. Need to find new front wheels, these are rusted beyond repair.
I will check for the serial number by the shift plate.

I figured that all of these were pull start only, but this one the motor has a starter on it.

Not really sure what this thing is.:dunno:
Easy to tell if you got an RJ, which is 1959 or older, or a Suburban, 1960 or 1961. The front axle on an RJ will be a steel straight bar stock....1960 and newer were cast.
Here are the pictures on behalf of victor2ranger

Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tractor
Land vehicle Vehicle Tractor Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Vehicle Auto part Car
Asphalt Soil Vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Lawn Outdoor power equipment Automotive wheel system

Hope you guys can help him out :)

I have always loved that model, and hope I find one to restore. Great tractor
Thanks Mikey.

Rohan, this little thing will be on the back burner until I can get that Allis stuff lined out.
I still have to make room in the big shop so I can pull it in so I can get the hydro stuff put on it.
I haven't touched my hydro unit yet, I want ro rebuild mine. Those old tractors are addicting. I have 4 at the moment and want more

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I know what you mean, the wife thinks I am crazy. But these little tractors help me do things I would not be able to do anymore, she dosen't seem to figure that out since she isn't the one tilling, hauling, ect.

By next spring I am hoping that I will have the hydro lift stuff on the B-110 and the 3 point on the GT18H. Also toying with the idea of getting the controls and parts from a JD H3 and putting that stuff on my Allis 916H.
These things have so much they can do, it is very addicting.
Great little tractors....


Your tractor is a 1961 model 551. The engine is a Lauson H55- 2113. H55 engines or parts are hard to find but many parts from a Tecumseh H60 will interchange with that engine. That's a good find with all the goodies on it like the belt guard, hood plug, original cables, foot rests and the H55. Many times all or most of those parts are missing so there is a high demand for the originals.
I just really hope I can find the parts to get these engines running again when the time comes.
The only way I will find them is on the net since these are very rare in my area.
Hey all, working with vic3ranger...

Where could we find color schemes for paint?

Also, would this tractor make a great present for vic3rangers old army buddy?? :D

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I see how it is, I get you interested in my little tractors now you want mine:sidelaugh :lalala:

By the way :MTF_wel:
Bring your friends on V3R. Great more the marrier.

Welcome to MTF battleromeo:thumbup::)

BattleRomeo is pretty darn good with these little tractors and stuff, I lean on him a lot to figure stuff out.

Now, if I can just get him to take the big dive into the GT world, maybe he will start getting some stuff I can barrow, instead of saying I am crazy for having multipal tractors then barrowing them:dunno:

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