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Has it been slow here??

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Without me asking a bunch of questions lately?:sidelaugh :howdy:

It just seems everything I work on lately is fixed and running fine when I'm done.:trink39:

I have been looking around at the posts,,,and could have helped someone else with an answer here and there. But,,I see it is being taken care of already.

15-20 years ago,,this was not possible. If you had a problem,you were on your own. Now a days,,almost any problem is answered in minutes if the problem is explained correctly. It's amazing really.

I have 8 or more mowers I bought off CL in my backyard ,,waiting to be fixed. Hopefully my luck keeps up and you won't be hearing from me.:dunno:

Here's a few I have fixed since the fall of 2011.


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And a few more.


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Some nice looking pieces of equipment there. But, when you get them all fixed, don't be a stranger. Drop by just to shoot the breeze!
Now that ya showed the machines.. Lets see that yard.. looks really nice from what you show already.. Thanks for sharing your pics.
Im jealous, I havnt gotten anything done this (so called) Winter. Its 66 degrees as we speak.
They look real good flash5153, thanks for sharing the pics.:thThumbsU
Thanks. The power of a sand blaster,,and spray bomb is under estimated. lol One can actually do a great job with it.

All these are ones I bought and fixed. I do not do repair work,for public,,,at least not so far.

I have more,,but not many more,,and one is about completed now.
I picked a really bad year to sell tractors with snow blades.

It has not snowed enough here to really need a plow,,although it snowed a couple of inches,,,Once!!!

Just got this one done today. It was allot of work,,more than most. But turned out pretty good.


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That a complete paintjob? Got before pics?
Yes complete paint job. Yes I have a picture.

Here is what I done to this machine! lol First off,,(when I first got it)if this didn't run so well and mechanically sound,,I would have never even thought of doing what I did.

New battery,and positive cable,,oil change. New main drive belt,all gas lines ,filter,shut-off,air filter,and plugs.
New (used)lenses for head lights,,two (used)rear tires,and new valve stems all the way around. New (used) dash from scrap yard.(for looks mainly)
New cable for snow blade and two brackets for mounting it.(sears part direct) New reflectors for back.
Mower deck needed one spindle and blades.
Painted hood ,,,grill,,fenders,,,rims ,,wheel weights,,frame,snow blade,,mower deck and pin striped it.
Greased everything I could,,replaced bolts where-ever possible and all pins.

This machine runs/drives great.

It took me almost 2 weeks to do all this,,,I work alone. Picture is worth 1000 words!!!


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Amazing job, Wish i could do something like that.
Nice, you also forgot that you replaced the Decals, didn't you? T:thThumbsUhat looks nice. Was thinking about doing the same thing to my 1960 Cub Cadet 125. It runs, I cut the grass with it, I use the rotariller attahment, live in NC so really no need for snow blade.
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