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Has anyone ever seen damage like this on 50" MMM blades?

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This set of blades came off a tractor I just bought. The pictures show both ends of them blades. The deck was in nice enough shape apart from very dull blades. I changed blades and when I spooled up the deck I got sparks and clangs. Instant shut down and noticed a deep dent on the side of deck. The old blades didn't hit it, but the new ones did.


I fixed the dent and then went to look at the old blades. That's when I noticed these wrinkles and cracks. I have maybe eight sets of blades on a shelf and four more sets on decks. None have this damage.

Has anyone ever seen this sort of thing?
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Blades will espicaly do this if you mow over lots of loose dirt or sandy soils. The grit in the material basicly sand blasts the wing away. Normal wear, but make sure to turn off the deck when going over any bare ground/dirt/gravel driveway ect. Even if the deck is raised, the dust/grit will get kicked up. Mike
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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