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Has anyone ever seen damage like this on 50" MMM blades?

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This set of blades came off a tractor I just bought. The pictures show both ends of them blades. The deck was in nice enough shape apart from very dull blades. I changed blades and when I spooled up the deck I got sparks and clangs. Instant shut down and noticed a deep dent on the side of deck. The old blades didn't hit it, but the new ones did.


I fixed the dent and then went to look at the old blades. That's when I noticed these wrinkles and cracks. I have maybe eight sets of blades on a shelf and four more sets on decks. None have this damage.

Has anyone ever seen this sort of thing?
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Looks like someone tried to make a set of high-lift blades...

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The wings are all look like they are bent can't tell if that's wear or hammer marks from the photos.

I had a set of gator blades that the fingers wore clear off, I know what that looks like...

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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