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Has anybody fixed their hourmeter?

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Hi all... I have a ford 4500 TLB with a stuck hour meter at about 2759 hours. The tach still works. Was wondering if anybody was able to fix theirs ever if it was stuck?

I do not want to spend 300 bux on a new one, I might get a electric hour meter that runs when plugged into 12V (ign on)

I have the 3 cyl diesel btw.

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I fixed one, but it had no tach either and the fix was basically shimming the drive end so the tach and hourmeter work. Tach but no hourmeter indicates a completely different class of problem than that, and implies something fiddly broken inside the meter, to me. Barring watchmaker-like skills, slap on the electric or use a logbook to record hours run.
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