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Has anybody fixed their hourmeter?

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Hi all... I have a ford 4500 TLB with a stuck hour meter at about 2759 hours. The tach still works. Was wondering if anybody was able to fix theirs ever if it was stuck?

I do not want to spend 300 bux on a new one, I might get a electric hour meter that runs when plugged into 12V (ign on)

I have the 3 cyl diesel btw.

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I have read about others repairing them on 8N's and hundred series but I have never tackled it, figured there ain't nothin in there my club fingers could work on with that wasn't already tore up. This is one of the things I will just buy when it needs to be replaced or like you said put an electric on it which to me is more accurate than the cable driven as I want to know how many hours the engine has been running. An hour with the electric is an hour where as the hour on the mechanical maybe several hours depending on the rpm of the engine.

If you do tackle it make a picture diary of the work.
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I fixed one, but it had no tach either and the fix was basically shimming the drive end so the tach and hourmeter work. Tach but no hourmeter indicates a completely different class of problem than that, and implies something fiddly broken inside the meter, to me. Barring watchmaker-like skills, slap on the electric or use a logbook to record hours run.
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The tach is bound to be a magnet & drum setup like an automotive speedo. I'd figure that the hour meter would be like the odometer section of the car speedo, which drives through meshed worm & straight cut gears. That means that barring a simple dislocation from an impact, you're going to be looking at some replacement gears. Some of the classic speedo restorers might be your best bet. They're sure getting to be a dying form of art these days though. I useta work salvaging defective instrument clusters for a manufacturer. Could get my buds a 'retouched' odometer at trade-in time, until the digital jobs with the tamper-proof chip came along.
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Thanks all... I think eventually i will look at this, but right now I will log my hours as soon as i change all the fluids in this baby


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